Quality Management and Regulatory Affairs

Aditya Chemicals is compelled to maintain and deliver its own high quality standard of Human & Animal Healthcare Ingredients, Nutrients, Personnel Care Ingredients, Food and Feed Ingredients, dairy Product Ingrdients, Excipients, Fish & Meat Industrial Ingredients and Mineral & Dietary Supplements. Our motive is to bring tranquillity to our customer which only comes through the high quality and prompt service. We apply industry appropriate current Good Manufacturing Practice to our production operations. Every part of the process right from sourcing the best quality raw material through production till quality assuarance and storage to delivery, ensures high quality product with consistency. All the process are routed to ensure customer specific requirement. Aditya Chemicals product provide clear statements concerning for example GMO Ingrdients, TSE/BSE, Residual Solvents Limits and Absences of Allergic Potential in many cases. Halal and Kosher certification from highly reputed international organizations resonates with our claim.

We manufacture products complying to IP/BP/USP/JP/EP/FCC/ACS/FOOD/FEED Grades.