Aditya Chemicals

Aditya houses a sophisticated Instrument lab, microbiological lab and physio chemical testing lab with qualified and trained chemists and microbiologist.

Quality is the prime focus at Aditya. The quality management system encompasses three distinct departments namely Quality Control, Quality Assurance and Regulatory. These functions make sure that the products, processes and services meet the national and international quality standards.

Quality Control & Analysis

Standard Analysis Procedure, Quality Plan, Standard Operating Procedures, Standard Hygiene and Cleaning Procedures, Standard Calibration Procedures are well documented and available with Quality Control Department. Issue and receipt of raw material, in-process and finished material are strictly controlled.

Finished products are, therefore, released into the market only after a thorough analytical evaluation of bulk and finished products and verification of batch manufacturing records.

Stability study of shelf life samples is carried out and sample from each batch is retained for the period of five years.

Calibrated instruments are used for measurement and inspection activities.