Calcium Gluconate USP




Chemical Formula C12H22CaO14.H2O
Molecular Weight(Anhydrous) 448.4 gms
Identification As per USP
Loss on drying As per USP
Chloride N.M.T. 0.07%
Limit of oxalate N.M.T. 0.01%
Limit of phosphate N.M.T. 0.01%
Sulfate N.M.T 0.05%
Arsenic N.M.T. 3 Ppm
Heavy metals N.M.T 0.001%
Limit of magnesium & alkali metals N.M.T 0.4%
Limit of iron N.M.T. 5 Ppm
Reducing Substances N.M.T. 1.0%
Assay (Anhydrous) 98.0% to 102.0%